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Who is here ? (0) zyna_j
Ideal partner (3) r0se_luv
Who is to blame? (9) njamba
3 wordz to descibe ur luver/ex-luver (18) zyna_j
LOVE OR MONEY? (6) zyna_j
R0mANCE~d Vital SpARK! (5) zyna_j
Ladies feva! (13) bigprof
Wot would u do?? (7) zyna_j
what the world be witout women (4) dayo4ife
Wy gys 2 shw dia sxual exctmnt than girl (0) abbakarr
True or False? (1) zyna_j
~Curious~ (5) teetitie
Y U DONT RESPONSE ME (6) rajamon
~Tipz On KiSSing~ (3) zyna_j
Is it proper? (6) r0se_luv
Aw can u differentiate btw lov (1) horpeey
Can u differetiate between lov (5) fm100
Y do v close (2) fm100
GALAXYWAP (1) zyna_j
Moderator!!! (0) zyna_j
AA in love with SS (1) deshalom
what makes luv stand? (2) r0se_luv
how would u REACT? (4) zyna_j
What should i do? (2) foxywood
Your friend's EX (3) zyna_j
a blind girl. (0) njobvu
Human.... (3) kolly_d
Jesus is Great (4) opera4t
joke (2) njobvu
seven keys 2 success (2) opera4t
Relatnshp breaker!! (0) zyna_j
i cant 4got my ex girl. (1) njobvu
How can u describe true luv? (2) zyna_j
C0mpliment of d Seas0n! (4) zyna_j
you s*ck at kissing (9) pam455
~IF LUV IS A CRIME~ (4) zyna_j
Wich one is beter off. (6) njamba
i love you (3) pam455
had enough of him or her (0) pam455
...:::Indonesia:::... (1) opera4t
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