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Subject: R0mANCE~d Vital SpARK!
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zyna_j 10.10.10 - 12:16am
The lack 0f r0mANCE in a rltnshp cn seriusly afect a couple's emoti0nal intimacy,s*x life nd frndshp.A rltnshp simply cnn0t gro nd thrive wit0ut it.
Witout r0mANCE a rltnshp gets stale,borin nd unexcitin.bt partnas may evntualy stat lukin 0utsyd d rltnshp 2 find dat sPECIAL SpARK,nd dat's d beginin of d eND.By reinforchn dat u care abt d oda persn,dat ur rltnshp is worth d efort,it wil hep u LIve in d n0w nd enj0y each m0ment 0f tym spent 2geda..A massage is d perfect way 2 end an evnin wit ur luver.get 2 knw ur luver's body while pamperin dem wit ur relaxin t0uch..~zyna-dexm0~ *

opera4t 10.10.10 - 01:32pm
Wow! ...Wot a great work.i totally agree wit U.u got a very gud point in ur composition nw i knw i am in d rite place 2 seek love related matters. *

tinest06 30.10.10 - 06:53am
Yeah ! U amazez me wt ur 'r0mance msg' keep it 0n .nw i cn step in2 d line 0f r0mance wt my 'fiance'. *

zyna_j 8.03.11 - 10:37pm
Oh dats kinda gr8..just kip goin! *

kenk 23.09.11 - 09:21pm
Romance sparks off everything in love,gives life2the whole idea of love.romance give a s*xy torch2love making.....aroman *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:45pm
Am Speachless *

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