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Subject: Ladies feva!
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bigprof 12.03.11 - 04:26am
I find it difficult 2 walk up 2 a lady to for toasting. pls lecture me. *

zyna_j 21.03.11 - 09:50pm
B4 u aproach a lady at all just make sure u first creates d confidence in urself..pls make sure u dnt cram anytin b4 u go to her 2 avoid makin a fool of urself shud incase u 4gt wot u'd cramd earlier .more importantly just bliv in urself dat she's nt superior to u..more tipz are stil coming on ds bigprof..thx *

bigprof 22.03.11 - 02:50am
Zaina u are making sense. dat crammin is my problem. i easily 4got wot i just cramd once i approch. pls more tips. *

zyna_j 26.03.11 - 05:04pm
It's a comon experience my guy.I rembr I'v fallen victim of dat b4..u just av 2 free ur mind to allow inspiration I bet u, u'll be very instresting by d time u gets talking ~to continue 4rm wea i stopd *In aproachin a gal,APPEARANCE counts alot.Let her c u as d prince charmin she'd bin dreamin of all her life.u must b vry cul nd dres dcently as ds wil go a long way in showin her d kind of guy u rily are..i'm sayin ds cos most gals do look out 4 som qualitis in guys also like dea apearance,tone of comunicatn & so on.
*BOLDnes is anoda tin 2 consider.ds issue of boldnes is wots killin most guyz,they dnt av dat litle courage 2 aproach a lady they admire which is nt suposed 2b so..Dnt feel intimidated by her beauty,class or reputation go 4 wot u wnt which is her.bt b4 u do ds u must 1st of all erase ur fear i mean d fear of whether she's goin 2 turn u down or nt..I'll b right back pls *

foxywood 27.03.11 - 10:09am
zyna this is great,bigprof the must important thing is 4 u 2 be determined don,t worry i will get back 2 u there are other tips u need 2 knw.u are in the right place 4 advice. *

bigprof 27.03.11 - 01:27pm
Thanx. am xpecting more tips. *

njamba 1.04.11 - 03:20pm
Hahaha!mr zyna and where dd u learn all that? *

njamba 1.04.11 - 03:26pm
Bigpro jst follow zyna's recipe plus b urself. *

zyna_j 2.04.11 - 08:28am
Wow can't bliv it's u!welc*m bk 2 our villa..wel i didn't learn dat,it ws 4rm experience or perhaps u cud enlighten us better.. *

naresh_2 26.04.11 - 08:12am
romance importenet, but first importenet is love after that romance. *

zyna_j 8.08.11 - 01:55am
kip cul guy *

humpy 27.11.11 - 10:26am
u nid confidence n jst b yoself dats ol *

zyna_j 9.12.11 - 08:10am
Thx 4d contributn.nice1@humpy *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:24pm
GR8 I LYK DT,Good Frwnds with a Good Advise *

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