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Subject: Is it proper?
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r0se_luv 22.05.11 - 07:15am
Pls is it proper to ask a guy out if u hav feelings for him?pls i need ur comment *

lizda 26.05.11 - 08:36am
I think if you really love him why didn't do it? *

zyna_j 26.05.11 - 09:20am
u are right@lizda..in this world,as big as it is we neva get too many chances.if u rily av feelins 4 hm go ahead and tel hm witout wastin much time bsides there's no crime in expresin hw u feel abt sum1.. *

r0se_luv 26.05.11 - 09:33am
thank u bt i'm scared wot if he doesn't av d same feelings i av 4 hm..i'm scared of bein hurt emotionaly *

t_gold 29.05.11 - 07:30am
Though wea i cm 4rm It is d guy does dat bt i see anytin wrong in it if u shud take d step..rose dnt b scared just bliv in ursef *

horpeey 4.08.11 - 09:31pm
Dere iz notin bad dear. *

zyna_j 8.08.11 - 01:58am
follow u h@ *

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