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rajamon 8.08.11 - 10:00pm
U know i love u u know i love u much more than my life.this world is full of girls but for me u alone is a world.but y u dont response me.y u dont response me.people love bodily but i love u souly.i beg u in my prayers.whenever i saw u it seems thats my half litre blood increase but y dont response.?when u smile i forget my all sarrows.but whenever u looks at me u even stop speaking.is it is silent love or something else.u know whenever u pass from me it seems as a fresh air blow but u pass and dont response me?Y?Any reason for this anger?u know? *

rajamon 8.08.11 - 10:24pm
U know ur this attribute towards me hurts me.when u talk to ur friendsgirls and unevenly when i come ur friends looks at me then they tell u.u turn back and see me.but i m confused.is it is love?if not then tell me what is this.u only look for time pass or making me more sad keen for u that when time come talk with me.u know i m the lover who has tongue to speak but when i saw u i forget speaking.i afraid what u reply.ur reply can b my start or my end but i wil talk to u.day will come.i tell u what is in my heart.for what my heart is beating.but please neva eva leave me.i open my eyes and see's towards ur home in hoping might u come at the roof of ur home but the search of my eyes returns back hopeless.my evening ends seeing ur home.but never feels that some one eyes waits for u from morning to evening and close hoping might nxt day there search completes might my eyds gets cooling.but u dont response me.o girl!ithink rather u dont have heart and if u have then i think it is of stone. *

rajamon 8.08.11 - 10:50pm
U know i the stones listen my feelings about my love story or hurt story they starts tearing but uy dont response me.many people said to me raja leave her.more and more beautiful and decent girls r present in ur city.u a educated person.THANKS ALMIGHTY ALLAH THERE IS NO LACK OF ANYTHING IN U Then y u dying on this girl?my reply to people is always simple like me i replied them:,'first i didn't listen any word from her that she doesn't respect me.and second it is my believe that her lips never lie.her eyes cant hide her heart feelings.i told people that u see one day she will be mine.i will win u people u will see.but when i come back to my home.entering my room.sitting at bed. lights off.darkness comes.my eyes starts shinning.tears comes out.kissing my lips.their saltish taste asks me:'y she dont response u...i have no answer to give because i can speak lie to the people but how i lie to my tears coming from my heart...I love u too much too much...H.My breath..SMILE ALWAYS.LIVE LONG. *

zyna_j 9.08.11 - 12:51am
I cudn't help crying 4u in silence..ur story ws so touching!..Luv cud smtyms b wicked bt i bliv wot wil b wil b..if d gal is destind 2b urs,u'll surely hav her bak nd ntin on earth cn eva change dat..i knw it's painful bt u'v got 2 cheer u..bliv it dat she's comin bak nd dat u'll hold ha in ur luvin arms again.. *

rajamon 15.08.11 - 07:53am
First thankx to u zyna for aiding the patient.second i use the word solely which is actually souly.sorry H.and zyna if u can edit then plz write souly instead solely.sorry again H love u 2 much. *

ernest21 15.08.11 - 04:22pm
Guys i have request *

zyna_j 18.08.11 - 10:00pm
@raj..it is done.ua most welcum@ern wot request? *

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