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zyna_j 14.12.11 - 01:25pm
What do women prefer- Love or money? If you ask some men around you about what they desire in women, good Love may come out as a common answer. What about women? Does a good-looking man attract womenor they are more attracted by a man having more money and a man with ambitions? *

mayqueen 9.01.12 - 03:10pm
I wil love a gud guy nt money,sum1 wo can hold de key of my hart nt anytime in. *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:18pm
I will Love a Man with a Humble Heart,a Religious Person with a Good Background *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:21pm
Money is not everytyn 2 me But true Love is everytyn 2,it givs me life,money may b no more 1 day but true love is there 4 eva.Love is more precious dan Money *

misslily 18.10.13 - 11:51pm
Love becouse love coveret nr cnquart all things *

penn1740 28.10.13 - 05:22pm
Ze fact is simple,lyk zt JOB song puts it,no romance without finance. An average wman 2de regardless wer u approach zem,zey gonna get a measurin tape 2 c hw deep ur pocket is.ze fact is women r mor vexed abt mane zan abt anytn else,u guys r jst pretendin if zt mr nys or religious or wateva cams ur way,u wil start countn hw many days 2 valentines and ur birthde so u cn giv hm ur wish list.tru luv is 1 in a trillion. *

khalai 6.11.13 - 11:47am
Wetha he is rich or nt,religious or nt..anid aman who is true 2me wi evrythng hs n does...truely luvs n adores me money is nothng hv ma own..he shuld respect himself b4 a submit 2him *

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