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Subject: ~Curious~
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teetitie 30.09.10 - 01:08am
OK. we hear of rape cases nd usually a girl is the victim... my question is: can guys be raped? or can a guy be a rape victim instead of a girl?. *

opera4t 30.09.10 - 06:42am
Good topic nd question.firstly i think rape is aving s*x wit ur opposite witout him or her wishing to av s*x,it might b wit force or anytin.mhmmm a guy can be rape in d fact he cn be seduced by d lady nd by dat if he didnt s*x d lady he cn be rape by d girl nd numba 2 it apen in d university campuses nd d girls dat rape guys usually belong to secret society nd dey rape those guys to punish dem 4 there wrong doin nd in most case 4 to 5 girls on a single guy nd after d rape,blood might comes out of d guy nd d guy wil be useles.its very bad i pray it wont apen any of us,both male nd female.None of it is ok.love u all *

njamba 30.09.10 - 09:21pm
Nyc topic!mmmh..am as curious as ur. *

zyna_j 30.09.10 - 10:29pm
Gud topic,gud questn,gud replies! Wel,2 me i thnk guyz also falls victim only dat it's rare.just 5% or 10% out of 100.bt 2b candid,acordin 2 wot my guy(opeRA4T) had said,i'v also heard of similar cases b4...d guy ws severly raped by som grp of gals as a punishmnt 4 jiltin 1 of dem.i wnt u all 2 knw dat there's ntin imposibl on earth again.d world is bcomin unbearable nd turnin 2 anoda tin entirely... *

roo2stay 4.10.10 - 11:21pm
Rape?theres notn lyk rapn 4 guyz,u cn call it enjoyMENT..bt 4 gals,u cn call it unwantd moMENT...If u guy av d power,u culd av a taste of many n cl*ts...take it. *

zyna_j 8.09.11 - 03:20pm
Ds getin serious *

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