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Subject: Who is to blame?
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njamba 7.10.10 - 03:23pm
Who is to blame 4 many broken rlnships is it the guys or the ladies?and why?pls share ur thots with. *

opera4t 7.10.10 - 04:14pm
Hhmn...I am confused bt 4 any relatiosh to break,sumtin must av apen as a result of dis d person dat cos d breakup shud b blame.nd lets take 4 example d male partner decided to cheat on d girl if d girl shud knw abt it.d relationshp might breakup nd D GUY shud b blame 4 dis.so to my own undastanding d person dat cause d breakup shud be blame. Its me Dr love seek advice 4 any love related matters here.love is d disease love is d cure love is d word pls stay in love wit ur partner nd be faithful,YEAH DIS IS DA BEST GROUP ANY ODA InG GROUP IS A COUNTERFIT.tanks GOD 4 MAKing us D best. *

leverage 7.10.10 - 07:22pm
I think its the guyz 2 blame coz guys like wat they c hence they cheat. *

zyna_j 8.10.10 - 03:33am
Wel,4rm my own perspectiv,i thnk d gals shud b blame 4 many brken rltnshp cos nwadays most gals luv on conditn.they luv d guy 4 eitha bein rich or woteva i mean wot he is nd nt who he is.Later on wen tinz startd goin wrong financialy wit d guy,d gal wud find it dificut 2 endure nd as a result of ds she calls 4 a brk up.. Further mor,most guys do sacrifice a lot 4 dea luv just 2 maintain a lastin rltnshp bt many gals failz 2 realise ds fact i min d stres nd pain d guy is pasin tru just bcoz of her. Any1 cn b responsibl 4 a brk up bt it's very rampant wit d galz.. *

njamba 8.10.10 - 08:38am
Nyc thoughts! *

foxywood 9.10.10 - 07:56pm
Hmm nice topic.well according 2 my own undastndin i think d guys are 2 be blamed 4 broken relationshps cos most guys date gals 4 a specific reason of usein gals up and dumping them which is very bad...gud one njamba *

zyna_j 8.03.11 - 10:39pm
Good one also foxy *

humpy 27.11.11 - 10:33am
da guys a 2 blame coz once dey get da slice of yo cat.dey move on 2 other gals slices *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:29pm
MEN ARE 2 B BLAME....Becouse Majority of men are Betrayers Now adays..... they will date about 9 to 10 gurl frnds &they will b telling each of d gurl frnds that she is d oly 1 he dates n he will tell d oda 1 dsame thing..... *

miyomi 30.01.14 - 07:40pm
No one is to blame whatever the outcome, be it good or bad. All we can do is to accept the outcome as it is & try to be ready 4d next leap of fate. If it fails, it's not meant to be, no matter how hard each of a couple work for it. But when it's meant to be, things will come mostly as naturally. It moves forward for both party. *

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