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Subject: Wot would u do??
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zyna_j 8.08.11 - 01:53am
if a guy sees a grl wu sits wit her laps opened in her mini skirt mistakingly or intentionally.is it proper 4 d guy to tel her to adjust or jst sit nd watch??wot wud u do? *

kenk 23.09.11 - 09:33pm
I call that optical nutrition,its good for the eyez... *

zyna_j 24.09.11 - 07:54pm
@kenk..rily?u sound so funny! *

mayqueen 9.01.12 - 03:03pm
If nt 4 tast tan de guy can tell her 2sit well. *

espech 4.05.12 - 08:43pm
it's proper to tell d girl 2 adjust instead of sitting to watch *

jido1992 17.09.12 - 11:33am
If u enjoy dat u watch if u dont then move ur eyes *

ajnabi2 28.09.12 - 03:29pm
Its better to tel her about her illegal ativities,than to view d situation 4 enjoyment. *

memcy 9.10.13 - 03:17pm
Espech&ajnabi am happy with what u sayd,u r a good frnds indeed *

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