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Subject: Ideal partner
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r0se_luv 13.09.11 - 12:17pm
What is it dat u look for in som1 dat qualifies hm/her 2b ur ideal partner? *

zyna_j 14.09.11 - 06:31pm
Gud topic rose..If she is caring,lovin,humble nd God-fearin,i thk dat qualifies her 2b my partner *

t_gold 23.09.11 - 02:45pm
I luv a simpl gal *

miyomi 30.01.14 - 08:20pm
If I feel good about myself when he's around or we're together, the way we talk & connect, the way we tease each other, the way I open-up to him about things & I feel like I can tell anything to him. If there is minimal fear in showing my real-self to the guy bcoz I know I am loved the way I naturally am. And the way he stares at me, the way he admires me gives me shivers. Mostly, if I feel secure emotionally with him & I feel protected & safe with d way he shows his love in a gentle/romantic way, I can surely say he's The One! *

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